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Marlon Quinn

Founder of WaterMaarq, Marlon Quinn wants to share the beauty of the marine environment with you in full colour and vibrance.

Inspired by the notion of a watermark that has no visible trace, only an impression, visible only under light, Marlon seeks to connect you with the remarkable sensations that only a wildlife experience can provide.

At one time a competitive cyclist and cycling coach, he couldn’t understand how he could race down mountains on skinny tires at over 80kph protected only by lycra, but yet when he met an Eagle Ray face-to-face one metre underwater it struck him with intense anxiety. So he began, his quest to understand and be comfortable in this underwater world.

As someone who understands training methodologies and skills development, when he found out about this discipline called freediving, he knew life in the water would never be the same. The beauty, the poise, the grace, the fluidity, the calm, everything he had been looking for. His quest took him all over the world to train with the world’s best freedivers. In Greece, Stavros Kastrinakis, who dives over 151m deep. In Egypt with Umberto Pelizzari, termed the world’s modern best freediver, he’s won everything (and was trained by Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca, whom you might know from the Big Blue movie). These experiences inspired Marlon to become a Freediving Instructor himself, originally founding the Melbourne Freedivers Club and nowadays having taught hundreds of students across Australia.

Travelling all across the world and Australia, Marlon has freedived in the most immaculate places, (Tonga, Solomon Islands, Ras Mohammed Reef Egypt, Mallorca Spain, Cinque Terre Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Attica Greece) but none keep him as transfixed as the waters and marine life of Port Phillip Bay and the Bass Strait abounding the Mornington Peninsula.

A professional boat pilot, snorkel & freedive instructor trainer, and guide, the water is where you’ll find him. Having studied sustainable development and later represented as associate faculty for the Sustainability Challenge Foundation, he’s driven to provide a natural marine experience that leaves as little trace behind, yet evokes a powerful message on the fragility and wonderment of the ocean.

Through WaterMaarq, Marlon hopes that you too will take your first comfortable step towards discovering the beauty of our unique temperate waters, stunning reef and colourful marine life.

Media Appearances

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7 News Melbourne:
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ABC TV Lateline:
Freedivers on Finding Peace Underwater

Link to Episode – Fri 10 Mar 2017

Author: Hamish Fitzsimmons

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ABC Radio National:
The Body Sphere – The art of breathing

Link to Episode – Sun 22 February 2015

Presented by: Amanda Smith

ABC Radio National:
The Body Sphere – How freedivers hold their breath

Link to Article – Wed 25 February 2015

Author: Amanda Smith

Print Media: Herald Sun


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