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RIB Charter Boats

Apollo - Gemini 8.5m RIB

Gemini 850 Waverider

Apollo is an 8.5 metre rigid inflatable hull boat with capacity for 12 passengers and two crew. Powered by twin Honda 150hp motors it is a highly capable in-shore and off-shore vessel. Built for extended adventures and comfort during transit, it is equipped with long-range fuel tanks, fresh water tanks, toilet and overhead sun protection. Survey 2C and 2D certified, it has the ability to serve larger groups, or smaller groups with more space to move.

For specialised filming or research activities, up to 6x scuba dive tanks can be accommodated with tank ranks able to be fitted upon custom request.

RIB Charter Boat

Kavorca - 6m Zodiac Hurricane

Zodiac Hurricane H590

Kavorca, is a military specification purpose-built high stability, large load capacity and powerful commercially registered vessel. A 6-metre Zodiac Hurricane it is fitted with twin 70hp Yamaha outboards. It meets all the requirements of what is referred to as Survey class, for areas determined as 2C and 2D, which is to say, off-shore and sheltered waters. It is licensed to carry eight (8) passengers.

It’s the perfect charter boat for uninterrupted views, easy access, go anywhere capability. Get up close to wildlife and amazing scenery in this high performance and high safety vessel. Whether as a crew transfer vessel, television and film support, or for scientific research and exploration, it’s a true workhorse. A long-range 160lt fuel tank enables extensive run time.

Available for private charters too, please contact us with your requirements.