Community and Sustainability

Respecting our shared environment

Pride shared across our people and place

Having a sense of identity in our region is not just about our presence, it’s how we interact together and how we appreciate and protect the unique environment in which we live and operate, so that it remains for everyone to enjoy. 

With that aim we contribute back into the local community and economy in a host of ways, including purchasing locally, employing local people, providing referrals and also extending sponsorship and donations.

Local Purchasing
For us, local purchasing is a key financial contributor to sustaining the local economy and wherever possible we purchase goods and services from local suppliers. In the last year 76% of all purchases were re-invested in local businesses, a direct financial injection into the regional economy. The types of purchases range from fuel to boat and mechanical servicing, administrative services such as accounting, and business consumables.

Employing Locally
Our dedicated team of passionate local guides provide authentic, local insights into the marine life and locations we visit. We’re proud of our steady team of guides and that they continue to support us loyally and with enthusiasm each year!

A large part of our guest services includes referrals to local suppliers of hospitality, accommodation, snorkelling gear retailers and other tour services. These may be found on our Mornington Peninsula info page.

Sponsorships and Donations
WaterMaarq provides donations and sponsorships to a broad range of community groups, supporting events, charities, schools, sports clubs and community groups. 

Each year we host a range of community groups providing sponsored rate tours to create an accessible opportunity to explore the region in ways that may not generally exist for all group members.

The marine environment is a challenging place and each year we assist with a number of rescues. Fortunately they are mostly minor, however they do range in potential severity. We’ve rescued swimmers stranded from their vessels in strong currents, towed vessels in distress, saved injured wildlife and worked with the AGL Marine Response Unit to relieve seals impacted by fishing line.