Ethical Dolphin and Seal Tours in Victoria

Marine Mammal Permits and Regulations for Whale Watching and Dolphin Swim Tours


WaterMaarq Tours  is privileged to have been awarded just one of four permits that allow the delivery of dolphin swim tours in Victoria.

Since 2003 only a maximum of between two and four permits have been awarded by the Victorian Government to charter tour operators in Port Phillip Bay. In 2020 WaterMaarq applied through a stringent competitive application process and is honoured to have been selected to be a holder of the Dolphin Swim Tour permit. All whale watching and dolphin swim tours are conducted under a strict Victorian Government regime of approved licensing and permits. We are privileged to provide the Mornington Peninsula based boat tour services that we do and it is with respect to the environment and it’s inhabitants that we share these unique experiences.

Endorsed as a Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator, WaterMaarq is provided consent to provide boat tours to the public and in doing so return a Parks Victoria Use Fee for each guest that attends. These fees are collected by us and paid to Parks Victoria to be re-invested to support ongoing tour operations to Victorian, interstate and international guests.  

Additionally WaterMaarq has been approved under the Victorian Government Conservation Regulator and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) permit application scheme to hold a Marine Mammal Tour Permit to conduct whale watching and dolphin swim tours in Port Phillip Bay. The permit is governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Act 1975 and the Wildlife (Marine Mammal) Regulations 2019 and as an approved permit holder we must observe and conduct our activities under the conditions of the permit. Details of these conditions appear in full format below, shared in full to support the integrity and quality of our tour delivery.

Please feel welcome to contact us and enquire about what these conditions and tour operations mean for you as a guest on board our tours. We are happy to provide you with the insights building confidence that you will enjoy a true, respectful, ethical and sustainable natural marine wildlife experience with WaterMaarq.  



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