Freediving Instructor Trainer, Host and RIB Pilot


Freediving Instructor Trainer, Ocean Guide, RIB Pilot and Host

Marlon developed and launched WaterMaarq in 2014 driven by the ultimate sea change from IT Executive to Freediving Instructor Trainer, RIB Pilot and Dolphin & Seal Tour Host.

He learned the art of freediving under Apnea Academy, AIDA, AUSI, Apnea International and PADI Freediver systems across the globe with World Champions, including Umberto Pelizzari (Italy), Stavros Kastrinakis (Greece), Miguel Lozano (Spain), Ant Williams (Australia), and Alejandro Lemus (Mexico) as well as professional performance trainers Alessandro Vergendo and Rosarita Gagliardi.

He is qualified as a PADI and EFR Instructor Trainer, marine Coxswain and Master <24NC, Cert IV Trainer Assessor, Bachelor’s Management Degree, and former Mediator who has been awarded RACV Victorian Tourism Awards and PADI Eco Green Star endorsement for WaterMaarq.

Mack Outdoor Snorkel Guide


Outdoor Guide

Mack’s vision as a WaterMaarq guide is to extend his understanding and passion within the outdoor education industry to promote sustainable tourism & healthy connections to the environment. As an experienced guide he is known and lauded for expressing the importance of sustainable practice to others by creating a safe, enjoyable and educational workplace.

A highly experienced wilderness guide and well-heeled hospitality and hotelier member, Mack is best known for creating tour experiences with disadvantaged youth and supporting family members that forget their home trials and troubles in the kindest and most memorable way as if no challenge ever existed.

Laney Callahan


Marine Science Guide

Laney’s local conservation knowledge and passion for the Mornington Peninsula holds her in high regard as WaterMaarq guide. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Monash University with a major in zoology and a minor in conservation biology and philosophy. Even more impressively, Laney held fears for the water growing up and totally avoided water activities. She has since become a qualified freediver and is at ease in the water like never before!

Cathy Cavallo


Marine Science Guide

Cathy is a PhD qualified ecologist and is passionate about the unique Port Phillip Bay environment, particularly its bird and marine life, and particularly adores the smooth stingrays when snorkelling on tour!

Exclusive Offers

The Team at WaterMaarq wish to share the beauty of the unique temperate waters of the Mornington Peninsula and Great Southern Reef, please join us.


WaterMaarq is a locally owned and operated Mornington Peninsula small tourism business run by real people who value the precious environment, unique marine life and way of living in this tiny part of the world. With your support we can continue to provide work for local residents and with the costs of running the operation, return monies to the community through suppliers and spending that in turn supports their staff and business owners also making a living.

To encourage your ongoing support, it’s our pleasure to offer these range of exclusive offers across the range of tours, freediving experiences and packages available. 

RIB Tours – First Trip

Begin your journey to discover the unbridled beauty of the sea and take a deep restorative breath of fresh air into your lungs on your first trip and save % with the promo code that appears here.

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Return for Less

You’ve had a taste of the outdoors on one of our selection of RIB Tours and the good news is, after the tour there’s a coupon automatically on it’s way to your email inbox that will save % you when you enter it on your next booking.

Skindive Deeper

The desire to dive more freely and get closer to the fish took you on the Advanced Snorkelling Marine Park Skindiver Tour and now that you’ve completed it, you want to dive underwater even more easily as a freediver. Book your place on the PADI Basic Freediver course with the promo code in your Skindiver Tour confirmation email and dive for less dollars.

Custom Freedive Wetsuit

Begin to understand the water world, your place in it and how you move within it, freely, calmly and without the pressures of regular life. Enjoy your journey in a new custom tailored freediving wetsuit, available in 3mm or 5mm and range of colours. Save dollars on a Custom Wetsuit order when booking a 2-Day Freediving Retreat.

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Freediver Level 1 Package

Take the plunge on your new freediving journey and book the Freediver Level 1 Package, which includes the PADI Basic Freediver course (Part 1) and Freediving Training & Fun Boat Dive (Part 2) together, to save dollars as swiftly and easily as you’ll soon be swimming freely underwater.

Sea-Change Like A Boss

Dive straight into your new Instructor career like a Boss, like a PADI Pro, like a Dolphin hunting in the depths, and book the PADI Freediving & EFR Instructor Package, which includes the EFR First Aid Instructor course and PADI Freediving Instructor course together, to save dollars on your way to sea-change your new Freediving Professional career.


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