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Winter Whale Watching Cruise

Island Hop Birdlife Cruise

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Snorkel and freediving Australia innovator Marlon Quinn wants to share with you the finest marine attractions. Our professional and friendly small group tours offer intimate encounters with seals, whales, dolphins and seadragons. Talk with happy, friendly and passionate crew and learn about the unique geology, marine wildlife, aboriginal history, military interests and shipwrecks of the Mornington Peninsula, whilst cruising for dolphins or swimming with seals. Experience one of the best of Port Phillip Bay’s water activities and adventures highlighting spectacular scenery, wildlife and underwater features and marine life that you can’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Our RIB Boat Tours depart from Sorrento VIC.
Our freediving courses are available in Melbourne VIC.

Encounter Amazing Marine Wildlife

Great Southern Reef

WaterMaarq tours provide unforgettable wildlife experiences along the spectacular Mornington Peninsula coastline helping you enjoy the best time to see birdlife, whales, dolphins, seadragons and unique fish near Melbourne on a cruise, whether months in the planning or last minute.

Extending around Australia’s southern coastline is the Great Southern Reef, holding some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. Featuring extensive kelp seaweed forests that support many marine species that are not found anywhere else on Earth, ornate weedy seadragons, smoothrays (the largest stingray species), vibrant sponges, amazing nudibranchs, molting spider crabs, as well as world famed rock lobster and abalone. Not to mention our dolphins in Port Phillip Bay are a unique and protected population!
See more about our temperate reef wildlife here.
Join our most popular dolphin boat tours and discover the temperate water jewels of the Great Southern Reef chain, right here in Sorrento, Victoria.

Bottlenose Dolphins
Fiddler Ray
Spider Crabs
Juvenile Leatherjacket and companion Haeckel’s Jellyfish
Blue-spotted Stingaree
Australian Fur Seal
Giant Cuttlefish
Ornate Cowfish
Juvenile Seahorses, Pipefish and Leatherjackets
Warty Prowfish
Decorator Crab
Weedy Seadragon

Stay above the water and join our Sorrento boat tours on the Seal and Dolphin Watching and Wildlife Eco Boat Tour or see soaring birdlife on the Mud Island and South Channel Fort Birdlife Cruise. Snorkellers and marine enthusiasts will enjoy the fun of the RIB boat and be mesmerised by the colour and vibrance of the fish, seals and seadragons on the amazing Dolphin Cruise, Seal Swim Great Southern Reef Snorkel boat tour, visiting marine parks and wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. Intrepid travellers will love the adventure of the winter whale watching and wildlife eco boat tour, an incredible tour along the Mornington Peninsula coastline. Certified freedivers will explore new underwater terrain, wrecks and coastline during a Freediving Adventure Tour

Not certified as a freediver? WaterMaarq has PADI Freediver certification courses for everyone…begin now!