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Experience amazing wildlife interactions on our most popular RIB boat tours along Mornington Peninsula’s magnificent coastline and within southern Port Phillip Bay.

Boat tours Mornington Peninsula

Winter Cruise

1.5hr Tour
On water
For everyone

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Boat tours Mornington Peninsula

Sightseeing Cruise

1hr Tour
On water
For everyone

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Seadragons at Portsea

Seadragons Snorkel

1.5 hour Tour
In water
For all abilities

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Take Your Snorkelling Deeper

If your dream is to swim freely underwater, to meet marine life calmly eye-to-eye and enjoy amazing underwater terrain in a range of conditions, then choose WaterMaarq. 

Learn to Freedive

Professional freediving courses in Melbourne with PADI Freediver
Beginner CourseTraining Dives


Have you always dreamed of swimming freely in the ocean, surrounded by beauty as if you could stay there forever? You can! Freediving is the most natural way to enjoy being underwater.

PADI Freediver Courses Melbourne

Be in Harmony

PADI Freediver Courses

Freediving training dive Melbourne

Build Confidence

PADI Freediver Training Dive

Freediving Melbourne

Deeper Marine Experiences

Fun Freedive Boat Tour

Hold back no longer. Our boutique tours and courses offer the highest quality interaction. Our personalised approach gives you the confidence to enjoy the water, even if you are not a strong swimmer. We trained with the world’s best 100m deep freedivers, including Umberto Pelizzari, Stavros Kastrinakis and Ant Williams.

Why did we train with the best? With all that knowledge behind us, you can live your dream of diving under the surface in pure comfort and ease. Even if it’s just one metre deep. Our philosophy is to create in you an underwater journey of absolute beauty, effortlessness and calm.

Our wildlife swim tours are suitable for all ages and abilities. As you build confidence snorkelling, the PADI Freediver course is your next step to underwater enjoyment. Take it easy and learn at your own pace and comfort levels. Then get closer to the fish on a fun freediving tour in depths of 5-15m.


Freediving Australia innovator Marlon Quinn wants to share with you the finest marine experiences. Our excursions highlight spectacular scenery, wildlife and underwater features and marine life that you can’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Stay above the water and join our sightsee tour on the Dolphin and Seals Wildlife RIB Boat Ecotour. No matter your swimming level, everyone is mesmerised on a bay snorkelling excursion swimming during an amazing seals and seadragons swim tour. Certified freedivers will find new underwater secrets during a Bay Freediving Adventure. Interstate and overseas freediving escapes take in the magical sinkholes of the Limestone Coast or the blue waters under 180 million year old cliffs of Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula.  For the ultimate freedive reward, international Solomon Islands Escapes offer untouched beauty and incredible diversity!

Not certified as a freediver? WaterMaarq has PADI Freediver certification courses for everyone…begin now!

Our RIB Boat Tours depart from Sorrento VIC.

Our freediving courses are available in Melbourne VIC.