Swim like a Dolphin on a breathwork and immersion freediving retreat and develop deeper water wellness in a healthy and supportive way. Benefit from worldwide recognised PADI Freediver certified training and course structures.

Embody the sea within. See deeper within. And see yourself from the inside out.

This art of mindful immersion, freediving, founded in breathing and relaxation, has aided hundreds of our students find a new inner peace within themselves, a new self-belief, a beauty inside that wasn’t obvious before. And you can find that too.

Freediving Training Boat Dive Melbourne Sorrento with seals

Half-Day Freediving Line-Dive Training and Reef Exploration Boat Tour, Sorrento VIC

Explore the magic and majesty of southern Port Phillip Bay and the alluring waters of the Mornington Peninsula on this guided boat tour as a certified freediver. Dedicating the first part of the session to line-diving technique and focus on development of form and ease, the second part allows for exploration of local reef sites to swim closely with vibrant fish and entertaining Fur Seals. As well as the opportunity to see and immerse with Dolphins if sighted.

Guests: 4-8

Ideal For: Certified freedivers (minimum level one) keen to practice line-diving techniques and freedive with buddies over vibrant reef and amongst colourful fish and entertaining seals

Prices: $269

Best PADI Basic Freediver Course near Melbourne

1-Day PADI Basic Freediver Course, Cheltenham VIC

Begin with WaterMaarq, the premiere Victorian freediving centre since 2014. Learn the core breathing and relaxation skills on the foundation PADI Basic Freediver course to move peacefully with grace underwater, and interact more closely and meaningfully with marine life. All in a state of calm and wonderment that brings you the most fulfilling enjoyment one can create safely underwater.

Guests: 4-8

Ideal For: Advanced Snorkellers keen to find new comfort and relaxation for more time underwater

Prices From: $449

Surf Survival Breath hold course Mornington Peninsula

1-Day Surf Survival Breathhold Course, Cheltenham VIC

Learn to accept fear’s presence in the ocean and spark the fun and freedom to surf in tougher conditions. Use your breath for improved confidence. 

Make each surf session count with renewed confidence. 

In this course with PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn, benefit from proven training techniques for active breath-holds and hold-down simulations. Learn skills and exercises that you can continue as daily practice to confidently paddle for the waves you want. Upon successful completion earn a PADI Basic Freediver Certification at session’s end.

Guests: 4-8

Ideal For: Surfers of all levels, body boarders, body surfers, ocean swimmers and surf life savers interested in overcoming fear for greater confidence in the waves

Prices From: $449

Mornington Peninsula Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat Recharge

1-Day Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat, Portsea

This one-day retreat is the perfect way to experience a reset. Stop. Relax. And Reset through a combination of meditation, breath-work, yoga and cold-water immersion. All whilst located in the beautiful Portsea Ocean environment on the Mornington Peninsula.

Guests: 12

Ideal For: For yoga and cold water immersion followers this one-day retreat is the perfect reset for your personal compass

Prices: $349

PADI Freediving level one course retreat Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

2-Day Freediving Retreat Level One, Sorrento

Hear the call of the ocean and get out of your own way! Learn beginner freediving skills and develop water wellness breathing and relaxation skills that you can use in your every day life. Get to know yourself in the pool and sea to feel safe. Unpack fears of immersion, or moods of the sea, to build new confidence.

Perform freediving depth line-diving and enjoy the opportunity to immerse with seals and dolphins. Learn in a supportive and stress-free way with Marlon Quinn, PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer. Upon successful completion earn a PADI Freediver Level One Certification at session’s end.

Guests: 4-6

Ideal For: Anyone curious about learning how to freedive in a supportive way without the pressure of performance

Prices From: $795

PADI Advanced Freediving Course Level 2 Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula

3-Day Advanced Freediving Level Two Retreat, Sorrento

Get to know the water and all its states, removing resistance, beginning to let go to the natural forces and build trust and connectedness with the sea. Learn advanced freediving techniques and deeper meditation skills that will set you free in regular life. Begin to understand and see yourself more profoundly in relation to the underwater world, your inner drivers and beliefs. Get to know the ocean as teacher in order to begin your journey into deeper depths. Perform depth line-diving and enjoy the opportunity to immerse with seals and dolphins. Be guided by your PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn, to learn the skills and techniques to set you free. Upon successful completion earn a PADI Advanced Freediver Level Two Certification at session’s end.

Guests: 4-6

Ideal For: Level One certified freedivers comfortable diving to -10m interested in sharpening tools and techniques to immerse more freely

Prices From: $895

Marlon Quinn Cold Water Immersion Wild Swim Port Phillip Bay

4-Day Master Freediving Level Three Retreat, Sorrento

Mastery comes as we lose the idea that we are separate from the sea and the marine life at home within it. Instinctively we become an undeniable participant in Nature, no longer a spectator. Deeper relaxation, more advanced equalisation and freediving depth techniques free you from the blocks of ambitions, quests or objectives. Performing depth line-diving free-fall with time to embrace the joy of the underwater world and the opportunity to immerse with seals and dolphins. Define your freediving future with your PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer, Marlon Quinn, and become intuitively connected with the sea. Upon successful completion earn a PADI Master Freediver Level Three Certification at session’s end.

Guests: 4-6

Ideal For: Level Two certified freedivers comfortable diving to -20m interested in developing a stronger mind + body + breathwork connectedness

Prices From: $1100

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Begin to understand the water world, your place in it and how you move within it, freely, calmly and without the pressures of regular life. Enjoy your journey in a new custom tailored freediving wetsuit, available in 3mm or 5mm and range of colours.

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