Portsea Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat

This one-day retreat is the perfect way to experience a reset. Stop. Relax. And Reset through a combination of meditation, breath-work, yoga and cold-water immersion. All whilst located in the beautiful Portsea Ocean environment on the Mornington Peninsula.

Cold Water Ocean Immersion by Marlon Quinn

You don’t need to change your whole life to improve your wellbeing. You can nurture wellbeing with small gestures in every day.

On this Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat we will explore pathways towards personal health and wellbeing.

We will show you how to Stop. Take a deep breath.

Find stillness.

Connect with nature. Simple.

Marlon Quinn Freediving Instructor Cold Water Immersion

Freediving Instructor - Marlon Quinn

“Lockdown life has presented its trials to everyone in so many different ways, and the emergence back into ‘regular’ life is probably more of a foreign concept these days, than it is familiar.

The cold water was my personal saviour during that period, bringing me back from the brink of expired mental health, staring deeply into the darkest of darkness. I know that I’m certainly not alone in being grateful to finding the therapeutic benefit from salty ocean immersions.

My knowledge and experience in freediving, breathwork and meditation brought about through over 8 years of teaching, added to a couple of years of winter swimming in 8c without a wetsuit, help me appreciate the joy of every day and the serenity that time in water can bring. And even better, in my work I get to share that with others also seeking a confortable connection with the water.”

Mornington Peninsula Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat Cleanse

This one-day retreat is the perfect reset for your personal compass.

Apply tools to move towards improved wellness as we guide you through flowing breath-work, yoga and healing ocean immersion.

2022 Winter Retreats

Join a one-day retreat in Portsea:

  • Sunday 1st May
  • Saturday 25th June
  • Sunday 14th August
  • Sunday 11th September
  • Sunday 9th October

Small group only: limited to 12x participants

Retreat Fees: $349 per person

Itinerary One-day Retreat (10am – 4pm):

  • Morning session at Portsea SLSC – arrival + welcome, intention setting, yoga, meditation and breath-work (includes morning tea)
  • Lunch break – BYO or enjoy tasty selections at a local cafe
  • Afternoon session – cold water immersion at Portsea surf beach or Portsea front beach in the Bay (dependent on conditions), then return to Portsea SLSC for hot showers and refresh, meditation and warm drinks
  • Retreat close at 4pm

Your Hosts

Lola Broomhall Physiotherapist Pilates Yoga


Lola Broomhall

Lola Broomhall is a qualified physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor with over 10 years of experience. She has a special interest in holistic care, combining modern treatment approaches with remedial therapies to optimise patient outcomes.

As a local surfer and freediver, Lola understands the importance of connection to nature, and how nature can help us rediscover connection to self. She blends her love for the ocean with her professional skills on retreats to help people move and breathe well, and participate more meaningfully in their lives. Lola is passionate about living local and connecting to like-minded ocean-loving community members through salt-water-based activities.

Freediver Logo by Julia Borsos

Marlon Quinn

Marlon Quinn is a professional master freediving instructor, RIB Pilot and award-winning tourism business operator. He is highly regarded for his skills as a teacher of the art of breath-hold and for helping his students discover the joy of moving freely in the ocean with comfort and ease.

Marlon embodies his values and love of the ocean in his day-to-day life. Through his work he connects with like-minded people – whether he is taking them on an eco dolphin and seal swim tour, teaching a freediving course or hosting a wellbeing retreat – Marlon’s passion for and connection to the natural ocean environment is evident. Outside of work Marlon enjoys underwater photography and creative writing, drawing inspiration from his hometown of Blairgowrie. He values community connection and supports the protection of the Mornington Peninsula lifestyle and its beautiful and unique natural environment.

Lola Broomhall Physiotherapist Pilates Yoga Therapy
Marlon Quinn Cold Water Immersion Wild Swim Port Phillip Bay
Mornington Peninsula Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat Cleanse


Our retreat is hosted at the Portsea Surf Life Saving Club.

It is a location that is one-of-a-kind – the clubhouse is situated facing the often ferocious and energetic waters of Bass Strait.

You will breathe the ocean air, meditate to the sound of the waves crashing below, and immerse in the healing salt water.

It is the perfect location to explore the relationship between yourself and Nature.

Lola Broomhall Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Portsea Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreat

Our one-day ocean immersion retreats foster deep relaxation, restoration and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.

You will explore techniques for mastery of your own breath, mindfulness in movement, and cold-water immersion – all whilst located in the beautiful natural environment of the southern Mornington Peninsula.

Our retreats run from the Portsea SLSC – located in the scenic dunes of Portsea backbeach.

Cold water immersion.
Finding peace in stillness and moving in meditation.

“Connect more strongly with one’s self through the simplicity of the breath and a deeper respect for the sea”

Take Your First Step Towards Natural Being

We are all in need of a reset after the past two years of work-life disruption, loss of normal routines and disconnection from self and community.

Our Ocean Immersion Wellness Retreats are the perfect way to counter the effects of this.

We aim to help you reconnect to yourself through soul-nourishing activities, surrounded by like-minded folk in spaces of natural beauty.

After attending our retreat, you will feel reset, grounded and embodied – and you will leave with the gifts of accessible and effective tools you can use for self-care anytime.

Marlon Quinn Ocean Immersion Retreat Facilitator
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Wednesday: CLOSED


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