Surf Survival Training

Survive repeated hold downs and increase your confidence
Josh Morgan Surf Photographer

Clients Say:

This course “…took me to another level that I didn’t think I was was capable of.”
Josh Morgan, Surfer, Mornington Peninsula

Surf Survival breath-hold training. Increase your confidence

Train your breath-hold to increase your confidence and abilities in the surf. This Surf Survival course (PADI Basic Freediver certified) is tailored specifically for surfers and anyone who wants to beat the stress of tough water conditions.

Learn to hold your breath comfortably in high stress water conditions with Elite PADI Master Freedive Instructor, Marlon Quinn.

Develop surf survival breath-hold skills that will save you in a hold-down situation, and not just one stressed hold, but repeated hold-downs. Our methods train you specifically to deal with repeated hold downs in high stress situations. You will manage your mind better, your holds better and have new skills and awareness to enjoy the surf and difficult coastal waters, whether that’s 2ft waves or 20ft waves.

Cope with Extreme Circumstances

Nothing is perhaps more extreme than the unpredictable ocean. Big wave surf training helps you deal with the unknown, the freak waves, the heavy surf, the shore breaks, the white water washing machine. Even more, it determines how you cope with the next one.

Build and Rebuild Confidence

Step by step we develop confidence as we continue to get better at a difficult skill like surfing. Until that is, we get wiped out and we start to second guess ourselves. Find the key to unlock the return to improved confidence with underwater training based on core freediving principles.

Bigger Waves & Better Sessions

You don’t just surf to survive, you surf because it changes you. It makes you feel one hundred times better. Knowing that you can survive bigger surf and hold downs makes you surf better. When you do the work to improve, the rewards feel even bigger.

The Course:

Big Wave Surf Training

Underwater training for surfers

Breathing and Breath hold training for Surfers

This breathhold training course specifically tuned for surfers will take you closer. No matter what level of board rider, body surfer or swimmer you are, no matter what waves you surf – you will benefit from learning how to improve your breath-hold and your surf survival. After years of experience in the field of breathing and high performance training we have a system that will maximise your ability to perform in extreme conditions.

In this course you’ll perform a series of breathing drills and demonstrate your new surf survival skills in real time. You can apply them straight away in your next surf.

Certified Training

Backed by PADI Freediver certified training

PADI Basic Freediver Certification

Specifically tailored for surfers, you can be confident you’re getting the best training backed by world class freediving certification. Completing this surf training course, you’ll also qualify for PADI Basic Freediver certification, the first step in developing solid freediving skills. The basic freediving principles and breathhold techniques learned in this course can be taken further if you choose. It’s the starting point for all freediving courses. By enrolling in the PADI Freediver Basic course you can later choose to progress towards the PADI Freediver certification by completing open water dives, but as a surfer, you don’t have to.

Learn more…

Cope with big wave hold-downs

From $399

Course Structure


  • Complete your PADI Freediver Touch interactive self-paced learning, or
  • Complete your PADI Freediver Basic course (foundation skills)
  • Maximum 8x participants per course

Indicative Theory & Breathing Session + Pool Double Sessions

  • 4:00 – 6pm: 1.5hr+ Theory Review
  • 6pm – 9pm: 3hr Double Pool Session

What's Next?

Learn to progressively go farther and stay longer on one breath:

  1. Enrol now in the Big Wave Surf Training (incl PADI Basic Freediver certification)
  2. Download the PADI Freediver Medical History Form (pdf).
  3. Browse the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Once your booking is confirmed you’ll gain access to the PADI Freediver Touch from us so you can start studying!

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From $350

Course Fees

Base Fees: $350 (Surf Training incl PADI Freediver Basic certification)

Minimum total fees: $350

Professional Training by Certified Freediving Instructors

For surfers, body boarders, surf rescuers and surf riders interested in developing advanced stress management techniques with a professional instructor, this is the perfect option to progress even further and be guided by a professional.

Learn with the pioneers of freediving in southern Australia. Join the experts in breathhold and mental management skills for high stress circumstances and take your surfing further than before.