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Are you wanting to accelerate your abilities in the water? To enjoy the aquatic world with more comfort, feeling more relaxed and moving more freely and easily? Do it in an Instructor-led training session in a small group of 6, or take a private coaching session to improve line-diving skills, equalisation and depth adaptation.

WaterMaarq provides personalised freediving coaching to national-level competitive freedivers, big wave surfers, professional mermaids, spearfishing enthusiasts and underwater photographers, all in the art of breath-hold and freediving.

These sessions are not intended to replace a freediving course, but it will help you discover the connection you have with freediving and your skills, technique and capabilities.


WaterMaarq Founder, Freediving Instructor Trainer, RIB Pilot and Dolphin & Seal Tour Host Marlon Quinn

Freediving Instructor Trainer

Improve the Quality of Your Breathhold

How do freediving classes work?

Freediving classes are for certified freedivers only. They are held at the beach and involve a combination of stretching and breathwork exercises on the shore and shallow-water training. In-water training may include cold water immersion, static breathhold training and dynamic training elements. 

What equipment will I need?

For the dry part of the training, warm active wear is best for stretching and breathwork. In-water training will demand a wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins, and for cold-water immersion, regular swimwear. A weightbelt is not required for the class.

Will classes be held in all weather conditions?

The classes are intended to assist adaptation to various conditions and will be held in a variety of weather, but will not be held in conditions deemed unsafe.

What freediving certification is required?

You MUST hold a current freediving certification to attend the classes and it is necessary to provide a copy of your certification via email before attending the class. A minimum of PADI Basic Freediver certification (or equivalent such as AIDA 1*) is required. 

Who is it best for?

The freediving training sessions will benefit all levels of freedivers, from beginners to highly experienced freedivers. Whether you love taking photographs, surfing bigger waves, mermaiding freely or getting closer to fish, these classes will elevate your performance.

Where are they held?

Classes are held at the beach adjacent to Blairgowrie Pier on the Mornington Peninsula. Classes may be held at alternate locations if forecast conditions influence a change. In this case, it will be communicated before class.

How many places are there?

There are only 6 places per class, this is to ensure the highest quality training for each person attending.

Single Class


Book your class easily online. Limited places available.

Location: Blairgowrie, Mornington Pensinsula.


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