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Snorkelling and freediving gear and equipment we recommend and use

Recommended snorkelling and freediving gear

We’ve trialled and tested over thousands of dives to choose what we believe is the best gear to enjoy our local elements and sea conditions. If you only ever purchase one set of gear, make it these.

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Custom Freediving Wetsuits

WaterMaarq custom freediving wetsuits are made from the highest quality neoprene produced by the world’s top suppliers and utilised by leading surf wetsuit brands. Our wetsuits are tailored from over 30 of your unique measurements so that they fit like a glove. Delivered to your door in just 3-4 weeks*. Available in 5mm and 3mm thickness, lined / open cell, smoothskin / lined and in a range of colours. Ruggedised spearfishing options available too.

See the instructions for how to put on your new open cell wetsuit here too.

3mm Wetsuits

5mm Wetsuits

Customer Reviews

“Once I tried one of [these] suits there was no turning back to off the rack suits. I can get out of the water after 90mins and my hair is still dry. It’s why I can dive all winter…You have no idea how good a perfectly fitted suit is until you have one ???” – Jules, aka Instagram OneBreathDiver 

Wetsuit Accessories

To keep you warm and comfortable for longer in the water, gloves and booties are an excellent addition to your wetsuit.

Masks, Snorkels and Fins

We recommend the products that we’ve tried, tested and have come to adore in our local conditions. We’ve yet to find better than the TUSA range of underwater gear. Masks are high quality with a range of shapes and sizes to ensure the best fit. The full foot Solla fins are the ideal length for our typically shallower and more turbulent waters.

Underwater Cameras and Accessories

Since the beginning we’ve used various cameras and underwater accessories to capture all the incredible underwater images you find on our website and across Instagram and Facebook. Our first setup was a Canon G11 and Canon underwater case. Then we moved to the Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera and compact Nikon AW110. These cameras have all been superseded now, but the wonderful imagery they capture hasn’t.

Our guides also choose to use underwater cameras from the Olympus Tough series and range of GoPro action cameras.


Devices & Training Tools

Dive computers are one of our favourite additions to our in-water experience. And if you’re training for freediving, then devices such as the pulse oximeter is an excellent way to track your health performance.

Books and Recommended Texts

A few of our favourite books from seafaring tales to inspiring stories to marine science insights and training methods to enjoy your time in the water.

Orders & Delivery

All the items listed here are supplied by third party vendors and are fulfilled via Amazon separately. The exception is custom wetsuits which are special order and will be processed by WaterMaarq upon receipt of your completed order request. Custom wetsuits begin production once your measurements are received and confirmed, please remember to forward your custom order form quickly, without it your custom wetsuit order cannot begin production.

All WaterMaarq custom wetsuit orders include shipping within Australia.

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