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Tour Health & Safety:

*Important information provided below.

Please check before making a booking. 


Eco Tours and Freedive Courses Open

30 Nov 2020: Announcement

LATEST NEWS: TOURS have re-commenced from Tuesday 10th November, bookings are open online.

Guest limits apply in line with Victorian Government COVID-19 regulations and certified operational practices in place.

WaterMaarq’s 2-hour Dolphin and Seal Swim Reef Snorkel Tour and 1.5hr The Rip Eco Adventure Boat Cruise are operating daily, book early to avoid missing out on our small group tours.

Our popular PADI Freediver courses are back! Check the schedule for the latest course dates and training dives

We will continue to monitor developments and update our advice as changes occur. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Please contact us with any private group booking requests or queries and thank you for your ongoing support from all the WaterMaarq crew.

Please also consider sharing the delight of a gift voucher with friends and family members to celebrate the return to connection and time well spent on the sea!


Health & Safety On Board


Guest Bookings
To ensure the health and safety of all guests, we request that people at the highest risk of getting the virus to please self-isolate as per current Australian Government Health advice. It is advisable not to make a booking in this case, and as a general rule, do not attend if you are feeling unwell.

People at the highest risk include those who have been:

  • recently in a high risk country or region (mainland China, Iran, Italy, or Korea)
  • in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19.

People considered at the most risk of serious infection are:

  • people with compromised immune systems
  • elderly people
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • people with chronic medical conditions
  • people in group residential settings
  • people in detention facilities

Reducing the Likelihood of Transmission 

To reduce the likelihood of transmission, WaterMaarq boat tours are conducted with processes and procedures in place to protect your health and safety. WaterMaarq is a certified Australian Tourism Industry Council COVID Clean Practicing Business.

We have taken the approach to limit boat tours in the following ways:

  • There will be NO spray-jackets or blankets providedplease bring your own for comfort
  • Our vessel will be cleaned with disinfectant prior to each charter
  • Sanitiser gel will be available before and during the charter
  • Physical distancing will be maintained in line with regulations
  • The name and contact number of each guest will be recorded 
  • WaterMaarq have the right to refuse bookings and boarding if guidelines are deemed to be in breach. Please follow our procedures and Government regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests and crew.

Guest Numbers

Guest numbers will be limited in line with current health advice to ensure physical distancing can be realised in the appropriate circumstances for tours and charters.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any concerns or additional needs that you may have, we’re here to help and make your experience a safe and fun one.

For guests who prefer an experience limited to family and friends, we encourage you to consider our range of private tours available

Our popular scheduled services for 1.5hr Rip Marine National Park Sightseeing Cruise and 2hr Dolphin and Seal Swim Reef Snorkel Tour provide for mixed groups and we will endeavour to provide as comfortable seating separation as possible for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Our regular processes for cleaning and vessel preparation before and after each tour will continue, including common area and seating wipe downs, and bathroom cleaning. Hand sanitising rub is provided and bins for tissues and waste.

Being in the outdoors in the marine environment, we are fortunate to be surrounded by fresh air and water. 

Social Distancing Principles

To reduce the risk of transmission, social distancing principles are an effective tool and we will be employing these methods for tours under the relevant health alerts currently in place.

  • Reduction in crowding (limited group sizes, bookings encouraged for self-contained small known people groups)
  • Physical separation of 1.5m where practicable (seating allocation optimised for maximum distance between guests; seat groupings for known people groups)
  • Ensure high levels of personal hygiene (frequent hand washing, no sharing drink containers, refrain from greeting by handshaking, increase personal space for face-to-face contact where practicable, and reduce amount of time spent face-to-face, sneezing/coughing into elbow instead of hand) 
  • Regular equipment including blankets issued for personal use not to be provided during the tours
  • Vessel cleaning program maintained
  • Pre-tour safety briefing to include messages to promote appropriate behaviours and awareness of risk reducing protocols and procedures

Face masks will be worn by guests and crew in line with specific directions under health and/or other biosecurity advice.

Gift Vouchers 

Please remember we have vouchers available for purchase too. Gift vouchers are a wonderful gesture to share with your family, friends and as a symbol of your appreciation for someone special.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you on board a WaterMaarq tour soon! 

Please monitor this page for any further COVID-19 changes and tour developments in line with the current health restrictions in place.