Freediving in Schools of Australian Salmon

The remarkable summer of freediving with WaterMaarq continues as this morning’s adventure charter found us freediving salmon schools in Port Phillip Bay.

Freediving Fun Boat Dives

Freediving Mornington Peninsula

Freediver Blair relaxing into the session

Certified freedivers are enjoying the opportunity to join Victoria’s premiere freediving charter service with guided freedive adventures aboard Kavorca. The 2-hour adventures are proving popular as more spectacular local marine wildlife experiences are discovered.

Every dive session has offered a new interaction, whether it’s being surrounded by a bait ball, having scalyfin nip at fin tips, boarfish curiously watching freedivers silently move about, or seals mimicking the freedivers rolls, spins and upside-down swimming underwater. The interactions are priceless as both marine life and freedivers observe each other’s behaviour for the first time.

WaterMaarq freediving charters are scheduled to optimise the freedive site based on the forecast weather pattern, the tides, predicted current and the purpose of the session, be it marine wildlife or training line-diving.

This morning’s fun adventure freedive was underway well before the scheduled 9am start, as all our freedivers were geared up and ready to go 20 minutes early, so we took off!

Arriving at the dive site before the departure time is a taking things to a whole new level.

Freediving Salmon Schools

Arriving on site, we slipped into the water quietly and immediately found a school of fish swimming below us. The usual warm-up dives kind of fell to the wayside as freedivers swam like fish within seconds.

Freediving with Australian Salmon

At first sight, schooling Salmon and Trevally

From then on, every plunge was aimed at spending as much time with those incredible schooling fish as possible.

The wildlife experiences in Port Phillip Bay really are at the early stages of discovery through freediving. You’d be surprised how close the encounters can be with marine life. Most often, they’re just as curious as we are about the environment. They’re perplexed by our silence, our slow movements and stillness.

When a freediver has the technical skills and experience to move smoothly and economically using long fins, when their balance and weighting is appropriate and promotes comfort, and with the right wetsuit, mask and fins, it’s like watching a dancer. It’s all about consistent practice, repetition and slow achievable development.

Today’s fun freediving adventure certainly brought home plenty of smiles. Please enjoy a selection of today’s images from the adventure. Thanks to our super passionate and enthusiastic guests for joining us for the tour!

If you’d like to join our freedive boat dives, begin your freediving certification on our next PADI Freediver Basic course.  Keen just to snorkel or have a certification? Then please browse our boat dive options.

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In water images taken using our trusty Nikon compact cameras.



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