Mermaids spotted on Portsea beach, Mornington Peninsula

Mermaid Trio Splashes in Shallows

In a surprise appearance, Portsea mermaid sightings have been reported along the Mornington Peninsula this summer. Did you see them?

Mermaids at Portsea beach

Mermaids Jacinta, Katja and Jess have been seen frolicking in the Peninsula’s blue waters and been surprising the eyes and imagination of beach-goers.

Mermaid Jacinta in Port Phillip Bay

The Mermaids have reportedly been seen at Sorrento and Portsea. More than a few visitors to Pope’s Eye were star-struck by their presence as they celebrated the sunshine and warm waters of summer.

Mermaid Jess celebrates at Popes Eye

Overhead footage captured by Thomas Dobbins shows how easily they moved in the water at Quarantine Station beach too.


In the waters of Port Phillip Bay and along the Mornington Peninsula, there’s just so many colourful things to see. It’s the thrill of the surprise and the sense of adventure that makes you feel alive!

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