What is PADI Freediver Touch?

The world’s largest dive training agency, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the team behind PADI Freediver Touch, the most technologically advanced, entertaining and effective learning tool for Freediving education and training. How does it help you become a freediver? It makes it so fun and easy!

Learn to Freedive with PADI Freediver

How Will I Learn to Freedive with PADI Freediver Touch?

PADI Freediver Touch AppOnce you register on any level PADI Freediver course with WaterMaarq, you’ll receive access to the PADI Freediver Touch interactive learning tool. It’s like having an instructor in the palm of your hands, guiding you through the learning modules of freediving. Just as you would in a classroom.

The beauty is, you can access it anywhere, anytime and once downloaded you don’t even need an internet connection!

You access the PADI Freediver Touch by downloading the PADI Library app to your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s really easy and fun to use. You’ll be provided with instructions when you register for a course.

Download the PADI Library app for free via the links below:
Android App Link
Apple iTunes App Link

The PADI Freediver Touch program is complete with student materials and instructional tools that follow the PADI educational philosophy, which makes it easy to learn. Like all PADI courses, the program was bred from first-hand experience as industry experts and competitive freedivers played a critical role in its development.

What Will I get with PADI Freediver Touch?

PADI Freediver Touch MenuThe best bit about the PADI Freediver Touch is that when you sign up for any freediving course with WaterMaarq, you get access to each level of course training. That means you have the content and materials for the PADI Freediver, PADI Advanced Freediver and PADI Master Freediver all there for you to learn at any time.

What Kind of Content is covered in PADI Freediver Touch?

PADI Freediver SkillsThe PADI Freediver content is extensive and covers all the things you’d expect to learn as a freediver. The PADI Freediver education system is comprehensive and covers:

  • Freediving skills
  • Freediving safety
  • Freediving techniques
  • Equalisation for freediving
  • Breathing for freediving
  • Preparation and recovery for freediving
  • Gear and equipment for freediving
  • Environmental factors and wildlife awareness
  • Much much more!

PADI Freediver Touch Environment

What’s the Benefit of PADI Freediver Touch?

When you learn to freedive with WaterMaarq and choose the PADI Freediver system, you can be confident that you are gaining the most up-to-date freediving information and teaching methods.

The programme features quality, tablet-based training materials so you can access PADI Freediver Touch from the convenience of your tablet or smartphone with or without an internet connection. It’s always there!

Before you attend your course, in your own time at your own pace, you can absorb all the information and pass the review test. When you attend the course with your instructor, you’ll be guided through the practical exercises and training.

With your background knowledge in place, you will be in a great space to ask lots of questions that the Freediver Touch has prompted you to think about. It means your learning experience is so much stronger.

Do I need to do a Test in PADI Freediver Touch?

PADI Freediver Touch Review TestYes! As you progress through the content, you’ll be asked a series of review questions in the PADI Freediver Touch. The programme guides you through each content area step by step and at the end you’ll complete your review and test. Your instructor uses this information to ensure you’re ready for the practical training in the classroom review, pool and open water sessions.

What Can I expect during a PADI Freediver Course?

Here’s an insight into just some of the highlights of becoming a freediver with WaterMaarq and PADI Freediver certification system.

Find out More and Learn to Freedive NOW!

It’s easy to get started, you can see the course outlines and book a course online here right now. Once you register you’ll gain access to the PADI Freediver Touch and start learning today!

Learn to Freedive with PADI Freediver
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