Training Extended Breathhold and Increased Comfort Levels

WaterMaarq’s first PADI Freediver Basic course for season 2016/2017 saw six hardy spearfishermen and freedivers commit to an intense winter’s evening of breathhold training. Several of them doubled their breathhold time during the course.

2015 Suzuki Jimny Arriving at our host site at Adreno Spearfishing store in Cheltenham VIC, the team were pumped. In the last month they’d completed the PADI Freediver Touch interactive learning and came prepared with plenty of new knowledge, and lots of powerful freediving and breath-hold questions.

Before we hit the pool for the extended double pool freediving session, we recapped on the theory principles and completed a short test. Refreshing the theory, we then performed a series of relaxation drills and breathing exercises as preparation for the very focused pool session.

After picking up a few last minute freedive items at Adreno (did someone say, ‘like kids in a candy store‘?), we travelled the easy 5-minutes down the road to the pool. This is where the action took off!

Spearfishing training MelbourneNothing beats the faces of on-lookers as a band of recruits dressed in full camouflage wetsuits walks through the aquatic centre with long freediving fins, rubber weightbelts and steely eyes. Priceless on a Friday night.

The PADI Freediver Basic course is the first part of the PADI Freediver certification and covers all the pool related freediving principles, techniques and skills. It sets up participants to join the next part of the PADI Freediver certification which is the two open water dives which we perform from our freediving charter vessel Kavorca.

The pool session is a comprehensive session, but everyone agreed afterwards with how quick the 3-hours went and how hungry they were!

Freediving course MelbourneThe session covered:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Proper and safe breathing preparation (“Breathe-up”)
  • Static breath-holds
  • Recovery breathing
  • Safe and effective buddy technique
  • “I’m OK” freediving protocol
  • Dynamic underwater swimming technique and form
  • Rescues

The performance of the group was excellent and everyone exceeded the requirements of the certification safely and easily.

The WaterMaarq training method is based on the principles that a relaxed, safe, informed and comfortable diver will perform above expectations. There is no yelling, extreme coaching, pushing limits or going for personal bests for the sake of a PB. Students often report how easily and comfortably they achieve a new PB using this training method compared to previous attempts which were under duress, uncomfortable and performed completely stressed.Freediving training Melbourne

Some of the numbers performed during this course include, with first number the first attempt, second number the best attempt (minutes:seconds):

  • Freediver 1  0:55 – 2:15
  • Freediver 2  1:00 – 2:03
  • Freediver 3  1:45 – 3:00

Most participants doubled their breath-hold, comfortably. The maximum performance of the session was a 3:00, which is an excellent result for the first level course.

What did participants say after the course? Here’s a visitor post from one of the attendees as seen on the WaterMaarq Facebook page.

If you’d like to join the next WaterMaarq PADI Freediver Basic course on Friday 23rd September in Cheltenham, book now. The earlier you book the better as you gain access to all the interactive learning materials on the brilliant PADI Freediver Touch system.

WaterMaarq charter dives begin on Saturday October 1st, which means you can book in your training dives for the PADI Freediver certification. It’s going to be a hot summer!

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All images in this post taken using our trusty Nikon AW130 Waterproof Camera.

Nikon AW130 Underwater Camera

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