Freediving a Freshwater Sinkhole

It’s like nothing else.

Only when you look up do you understand the power and beauty of freediving in a natural sinkhole embedded in the earth. Also known as cenotes, these geographic features enable you to be lost in an other worldly place.

Join us on an exclusive advanced freediving course or guided tour in South Australia’s own private freshwater sinkhole near Mt Gambier, South Australia and define your own sense of these significant underground features.

View the course calendar and make a booking on-line. Limited to 6x participants on each course.

Enjoy this world-class experience with WaterMaarq Freediving and gain guided access to one of the planet’s most bewildering natural geological phenomenons.

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Advanced Freediving Courses

Apnea International Stage-B Freediving Courses:
Sat 31st Oct – Mon 2nd Nov 2015
Sat 5th Mar – Mon 7th Mar 2016
Fri 27th May – Sun 29th May 2016

Freedive Deeper in Mt Gambier’s world famous sinkhole environment (30m).

B-FrontStage-B Course Includes:

  • 3 x Full Days
  • 3 x Theory Sessions
  • 1 x Pool Practical
  • 2 x Extended Sinkhole Sessions (to 30m)
  • Starting at $765
  • Limited to 6x participants only!

Advanced Freediving Excursions

Tue 3rd Nov 2015
Sat 23rd Jan – Mon 25th Jan 2016
Tue 8th Mar 2016
Mon 30th May 2016

  • Register your interest now!
  • Excursions open to certified advanced freedivers only
  • Enjoy exclusive Freediving access to this amazing sinkhole with WaterMaarq Freediving!

How to get there?


Regional Air Express provides air service into Mt Gambier then make your way to Port MacDonnell


Approximately 5 hours drive from Melbourne or Adelaide by car


Services run at least daily from Melbourne and Adelaide to Mt Gambier then make your way to Port MacDonnell

Where to stay?

We recommend staying in Port MacDonnell, SA which provides all the services you need for an enjoyable stay. All theory sessions are planned to be held in Port MacDonnell.

The Number One Option:

Customs House, Port MacDonnell


The Supplementary Accommodation Options:

The Bellum Hotel, Mt Schank – Easy access accommodation

Arches of Allendale, Allendale – Ideal 3-bedroom holiday home

The Barn, Mt Gambier – For the best steak and jazz going around!


What do the professionals think about freediving in sinkholes?

Guillaume Nery speaks eloquently about his experience freediving a cenote in Mexico whilst filming for a beverage company promotion.

Please, drink responsibly and don’t mix alcohol and diving.