The World of the Movies: Secret Agent

More and more the skills of the freediver are being found to be the perfect way to produce cinematic wonderment. Angelina Jolie used a Queensland-based freediver in the Unbroken film to shoot the scenes of the pilot escaping from the crashed aircraft, spectacular stuff at 15m deep without a mask or fins!

Now the Top Gun himself, Tom Cruise, is on the Mission: Impossible performing breathhold stunts in his new release in the MI franchise titled Rogue Nation.

As reported in Business Insider, Mr Wade Eastwood, Cruise’s Stunt Coordinator in the film, says about freediving and the training:

“It’s a very calming and surreal state being underwater, especially when you’re holding your breath for that long,” he said. “You’ve gone through training to let your mind to that place where you can control it. It’s dangerous because you get carried away in the acting and you get in such a euphoric and relaxed state being in character that you forget what you’re doing. That was my worry.”

Check out Tom Cruise’s interview here where he mentions the extent of his freediving training and breathhold achievements.

Read the rest of the Business Insider article here.


Freediving and breathhold training can be a risky activity, always freedive with a buddy. Within the Business Insider article it mentions Tom Cruise blacked out a few times during training. At WaterMaarq Freediving, we do not condone pushing to your limits nor freediving beyond you or your buddy’s limits. To progress your freediving safely, learn the best ways to remain safe and develop your freediving skills, please contact us about a course or personal training.