20150325 Stathis Hatzis FreediverThe Legend of Stathis Hatzis is a story that seems more folklore than reality, particularly given our relationship with the Greek gods.

Flying back in time to 1913, the Italian battleship Regina Margueritta, anchored outside Karpathos in Greece, begins to raise anchor only for a chain link to break. The anchor falls to the depths of over 80m and fells a sailor in the process.

They want the anchor returned at any cost.

Word travels and Stathis Hatzis renowned sponge diver is summoned. From the island of Symi he travels to begin days of deep freediving in search of the anchor and a way to secure it.

Multiple plunges over 80m deep on one breath see him worn out and in a feeble state. The Italians want nothing of that and urge him to keep diving.

Now the full story is finally published in English 20 years after the first Greek edition.

We’re keen to download this little nugget onto the kindle for an entertaining winter’s read, and connect the stuff of legend with the Grecian spiritual home of freediving.

Legend of Stathis Hatzis now in e-book in English. By Yannis Detorakis.