You know freediving is gathering public interest and popularity when the nation’s public broadcaster, the ABC decides to broadcast a public interest story or two.


DSC_0307-WebAt a recent Stage-A freediving course held on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, we had the pleasure of radio broadcaster Amanda Smith join us to record the sounds and sensations of learning about breath-hold and freediving. Amanda holds a weekly show called Body Sphere which is a radio show determined to investigate all things to do with the body.

The Art of Breathing

In this story, Amanda investigated how we use the breath, for music and for underwater recreation. You can listen to the full “Art of Breathing” program on Body Sphere radio show here. Along with a couple of finely tuned musicians, the show also features Freediving Instructor Marlon Quinn and Jody Fisher, World and National Champion Freediver.

As a follow up to the radio program, Amanda Smith also penned an article on “How Freedivers Hold Their Breath” which you can see more of right here.

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne

IMG_20150303_223505As a keen sports fan, it wasn’t long before popular local ABC radio presenter, Lindy Burns also developed an interest in this sport and was keen for a live discussion on radio.

What Could be Next??

With the excitement of freediving building in the southern temperate waters of Australia, it’s hard to see how you’d be unable to be tantalised what lay beneath the surface in out local waters of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

We are treated to an unbelievable array of marine species that can not be found anywhere else on earth. Visiting them on one breath, it’s a great way to take an adventure.

See you in the water!

Marlon Quinn