The Art of Freediving

The space between two breaths. Your greatest fear? Or most peaceful moment?
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A watermark is only visible when held up to the light. Easy to see on the shoreline, when the tide has withdrawn. Our own blindspots are often the hardest to see.

Freediving (also called Apnea) is often misconstrued as an extreme sport, distracted by minutes and metres. In essence, it’s the oldest way of exploring the water, in the space between two breaths. Dolphins do it. Seals do it. Whales do it too. Even humans are physiologically built for it.

This art of freediving, founded in breathing and relaxation, has aided hundreds of our students find a new inner peace within themselves, a new self-belief, a beauty inside that wasn’t obvious before. And you can find that too.

Our Background

WaterMaarq was developed by founder, Marlon Quinn. He himself was not a natural freediver. Having feinted at the pool from cold as a young child. On another occasion being rushed to hospital unable to breathe, feeling as if suffocating. Being crushed to expiration by wayward teens in a game of stacks-on. Surely not the core foundations to holding one’s breath.

As an adult though, he at last found the sea, only to encounter a stingray head-on and retreat with fright. This was the catalyst though, to learn with the world’s best freedivers, the modern gods of the sea, where he found beauty and peace within himself, on one breath, freediving deep into the blue sea.

Through the course of four years, Marlon became a freediving instructor trainer, training under AIDA, Apnea Academy, Apnea Australia, AUSI and PADI Freediver education systems. He founded the Melbourne Freedivers Club, was the first to run freediving courses and tours to the freshwater sinkholes of Mt Gambier SA and the first to begin freediving boat charters and tours in Victoria.

Our Methodology

WaterMaarq’s training methods expand comfort zones, developing incremental benefit through self-awareness, repetition, and familiarisation, building capacity without fear. In this way, it is not about suppressing or overcoming fear, pushing through, or battling inner doubts, it is about accepting the state you’re in and working through step by step so that it’s just not scary anymore.

This leads to long-term adaptation, better development of ‘flow’ and increased appetite for ongoing development. It is the opposite of navy seals training.

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Hold back no longer. Our freediving courses offer the highest quality development. Our personalised approach gives you the confidence to enjoy the water, even if you are not a strong swimmer. We trained with the world’s best 100m deep freedivers, including Umberto Pelizzari, Stavros Kastrinakis and Ant Williams.

Why did we train with the best? With all that knowledge behind us, you can live your dream of finding new comfort and ease within yourself, even taking the new plunge of diving under the surface. Our philosophy is to create in you an underwater journey of absolute beauty, effortlessness and calm.

Is Freediving for Me?

WaterMaarq has trained all manner of people, office workers, models, big wave surfers, elite footballers, professional underwater photographers, executives, lawyers, police, fire and ambulance personnel, doctors, even a judge, to slow their heart rate and increase their capacity under duress. The breathing and relaxation skills that support breath-hold training are for almost everybody. The benefits of the state of mind and physical capacity that freediving / apnea brings is not just about going deep in the water, it’s about finding new joy and peace suspended in the aquatic environment. Skills that translate across all parts of life.

Learn about how apnea and breath-hold training is being applied to the development of elite athletes.

Tour de France Team

Cyclists breathing better.
[Marlon Quinn trained under Mike Maric as an Apnea Academy Instructor trainee]

Rugby Enhanced

European Journal of Sports Science finds benefits for rugby players.

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Melbourne Football Club players are tested in the water

Red Bull High Performance

High performance athletes across all categories develop their mental management skills

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Learn the breathing techniques, relaxation methods, mental management skills and art of freediving.








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