Winter Pool Freedive Training: Build your Base!

Continuing on 30th June, WaterMaarq offers training blocks of weekly pool training sessions for freedivers, spearfishermen and surfers. A hand-crafted program for you to maximise your breath-hold performance. Over winter, you’ll develop, correct, improve, learn and set yourself up for a high performing return to the open water.

Professional Freediving Pool Training

Who will benefit:

  • Freedivers keen to improve and build their capacity
  • Spearfishing enthusiasts who wish to increase their bottom time
  • Surfers keen to handle bigger surf and hold downs
  • High performance sessions focus on physical training
  • *All participants must hold a recognised freediving certification to attend

Small Classes:

Two classes available:
High Performance: Fridays 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Ultra Flow: Fridays 7:30pm – 8:30pm

  • Only 6 x participants per session
  • Prepay and save!
  • $105 for 3x sessions ($35ea)
  • Any unfilled places will be available at casual rate of $45 per session
  • High Performance is dynamic oriented, moving drills, building stamina
  • Ultra Flow is static oriented, relaxation and calm, extending endurance
  • Join both sessions for maximal freediving development

Maximum Development:

Winter base training is made up of three blocks. Each block runs for three weeks with one session per week. Each session and block builds upon the other.

  • Block 1: 3 x weekly sessions (2/6 + 9/6 + 16/6)
  • Block 2: 3 x weekly sessions (30/6 + 7/7 + 14/7)
  • Block 3: 3 x weekly sessions (28/7 + 4/8 + 11/8)

Qualified Instructor:

  • Marlon Quinn, Apnea Academy & PADI Master Freediver Instructor


  • Cheltenham VIC

What’s Included?

  • High performance training with a professional instructor
  • 3 x weekly sessions (60-minutes each)
  • Focused coaching (only 6x participants per group)
  • Training with certified freedivers
  • Safe, professional environment
  • Buddy system and safety techniques

High Performance

  • CO2 drills
  • Active dynamic freediving training
  • Power and tolerance for longer active holds
  • Technique development and correction

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Ultra Flow

  • Mind management and relaxation
  • Static slow freediving training
  • Mind skills and internal strength for longer active holds

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Sign up for your prepaid package now.

  • Only 6 x participants per session
  • Prepay and SAVE!
  • $105 for 3x sessions ($35ea)
  • Any unfilled places will be available at casual rate of $45 per session

Block 2 sessions begin Friday 30th June!

Register before 23rd June for Block 2

To book, please use the links below. Easy!

During the bookings process you will be requested to supply your registration details and provide payment. This is essential to be able to secure your place for the sessions.