Freediving Tasmania: 2-4th December 2016

It’s almost our 2nd birthday since we began providing courses and fun dives in Tasmania. In just a few weeks, WaterMaarq again heads south for freediving Tasmania hosted by Go Dive. A weekend packed with PADI Freediver certification courses, fun dives and adventures to the wild and untamed Tasman Peninsula.

Freediving tasman peninsula tasmaniaIt’s an opportunity for certified freedivers to enjoy a fun dive or two guided by an instructor. For newly trained freedivers who’ve completed basic training, it’s a time to complete the full Level 1 certification. Beginner freedivers will enjoy taking their first leaps into the unknown and improve their breath hold and comfort levels in the water.

Hosted by our friendly supporters in Tasmania, Go Dive, it’s always a joy to visit Hobart and the Tasman Peninsula. Read on for more information about what’s in store for the weekend.


New and Beginner Freedivers

To discover the beauty of freediving, the glorious underwater world of the temperate waters and the freedom of diving on breath hold. It’s easy, learn with a professional freediving instructor who refined his craft with freediving world champions like Umberto Pelizzari. Become your best!

PADI Basic Freediver

freediver on surface tasman peninsulaThe best place to begin is the PADI Basic Freediver course:

  • Perfect for beginners and spearfishermen or freedivers without formal training
  • Learn foundation skills, safety and breath-hold techniques
  • Friday 2nd December (4-9pm) in Hobart
  • Rich on-line learning, theory and pool training
  • Only 4x Places left! Closes Friday 25th November
  • From $350 per person

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Newly Trained Freedivers

freediving sea caves tasman peninsulaYou’ve completed your basic training (Freediving Discovery or PADI Basic Freediver) and now wish to complete your full Level One certification as PADI Freediver. It’s simple!

The steps to completing your PADI Freediver certification are:

  1. Finalise your on-line PADI Freediver Touch learning, review and exam (Learn more here)
  2. Register for a guided freediving charter dive on the Tasman Peninsula
  3. Book your freedive: Sat 3rd Dec 8am or Sun 4th Dec 1pm or both!
  4. Successfully pass your open water freedive and Freediver Touch exam and you’re certified!
  • Limited places, closes Friday 25th November
  • From $149 per person

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Certified Freedivers

marlon quinn freediving tasmaniaYou’re a certified freediver, level one or greater, and are keen for a guided dive to exciting territory. Jump on board a boat excursion and enjoy a freedive session with other certified buddies, all led by a master freediving instructor.

Fun dives departing the Tasman Peninsula:

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three capes track freediving

In water images taken using our trusty Nikon compact cameras.