Freediving in comfort on a shore dive

It’s easy to enjoy freediving shore dive training on the Mornington Peninsula with WaterMaarq.

Whether your desire is to become more comfortable on deeper dives, to move freely underwater, or to get familiar with a new freediving dive site, we have you covered. Shore dive excursions at Blairgowrie are available to groups and individuals and can be tailored for your specific needs, either for fun or training.

Yesterday, we took an intrepid freediver training towards their PADI Freediver certification for a shore dive training session. The focus was on line diving with a search for marine life on the way back to shore.

Winter freediving

Some might be frightened off by the thought of cold conditions, however, in Melbourne, winter just means wearing the right wetsuit. Even in water temperatures of 11c, like yesterday, you’ll be comfortable for around 2-hours in a 5mm thick two-piece freediving wetsuit, no problem.

Benefits of a shore dive

The best aspects of a shore dive is that you get to work on so many parts of your freediving skills. Finning on the surface towards the dive site develops good technique. Leaving from shore, you learn about sea conditions, the tides, how to plan your dive to make the best of the conditions and the environment. Whilst swimming on the surface, you see the diverse marine life resting, hiding or moving below you.

Objectives for this session

Our objectives for this freediving shore dive training were to enjoy the deeper depth provided by high tide for line diving training to develop comfort, relaxation and easy equalisation. Underneath that, we wanted to take advantage of the changing tide for our swim out and swim in for safety and using the conditions to our benefit. This meant timing the dive so we would be entering the water as the tide was flooding, ie coming in. We then enjoyed the top of high tide right in the middle of the session. As the tide swung around to ebb, ie going out, based on our position off-shore, we then used the outgoing tide to take us back towards the pier, saving our effort and reducing the time to get back to shore.

The shore dive training session

Working one-on-one for this freediving shore dive training session, the dive training can be maximised and progress through a lot of elements in a relatively short period. It often takes a fitter person with some endurance to gain the most from these sessions as rest intervals are shorter compared to a group and the amount of dives is greater.

Focusing on freediving on the line for this session, we began by making sure the relaxation and breathing phases were working as required. This is vital to ensuring equalisation can progress easily, particularly when the water is colder and the body works quite hard.

The early dives are always what we call free-immersion, which rather than duck-diving and kicking, the freediver merely pulls down the weighted line with their arms, slowly progressing deeper hand over hand whilst equalising regularly. This is a wonderful way to relax and set the session up for success.

Building the blocks up bit by bit, the freediver naturally gains time and metres under water with each plunge. Between each plunge is the time for feedback and discussion to keep refining the process and freedive with more comfort.

Even though the surface conditions on this day became more rough with winds becoming stronger than forecast, the washing machine sensation did nothing to take away from the skills of the freediver. Working with the conditions, the freediver easily moved through the routines and performed a graceful, effortless and comfortable 14 metre deep dive on one breath of air. It’s amazing to observe a freediver that finds their inner calmness and fortitude to achieve performances they might not have thought in their reach.

How can you become more comfortable as a freediver?

You can become a freediver that enjoys all conditions in all types of water with WaterMaarq. The best place to begin is by taking the PADI Freediver Basic course in Cheltenham VIC (the next one is Friday 23rd September, book early!). This course is the foundation of all freediving.

Once you’ve completed the Basic foundation course, then join us for the open water freediving training and become a freediver in waters that offer the most diverse marine life in the world.

If you already have a freediving certification, then join one of our fun or training excursions to experience local freediving on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Read about our August PADI Freediver Basic course here too.

Images from the Blairgowrie Freediving Shore Dive Training Session

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Nikon AW130 Underwater Camera

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