Get a Head Start on the Others!

Beginning on 1st July, WaterMaarq offers a unique Freediving Training program for you to develop your freediving technique and skills. Over 4 weeks you’ll develop, correct, improve, learn and set yourself up for a better beginning to your Spring return to the open water.

Professional Freediving Pool Training

Perfect for: 

  • Certified Freedivers keen to improve
  • Uncertified freedivers who wish to improve and become certified (PADI Freediver Basic)
  • Surfers interested in making a solid start with breath-hold and becoming certified (PADI Freediver Basic)
  • Certification is an optional extra at checkout!

Small Classes:

  • Only 4 x Participants per program

Maximum Development:

  • 4 x Weekly sessions, each 90-minutes long

Qualified Instructor:

  • Apnea Academy, Apnea International & PADI Master Freediver Instructor


  • Moorabbin (Fri evening, 7pm): 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd July
  • Hastings (Sat afternoon: 1pm or 3pm): 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd July

What’s Included?

  • 4 x weekly sessions (90-minutes each)
  • Focused coaching (only 4x Participants per group)
  • Training with certified freedivers
  • Dynamic freediving drills
  • Static apnea drills
  • Finning technique, development and correction
  • Relaxation and inner strength
  • Safe, professional environment
  • Buddy system and safety techniques
  • PADI Freediver Basic certification for uncertified participants.


Benefit from learning freediving theory in your own time on your smart-phone or tablet, then enjoy every minute of practical training in the pool progressing towards completion of your certification.

Make the winning move – Complete your Basic Certification now, then when summer comes around, all you have to do is join the open water dives to complete your next level PADI Freediver training.

This will still cost a total of around $650 overall for the PADI Freediver certification, but will be split into July’s program plus the other half later in the season. Imagine how much quality practice you can get in before now and then!

Winter Base Freediving Training Course – Book Now!

Self-paced learning enables you to use Freediver Touch to absorb all the critical information before the course to keep you safe, help you breathe better and become an experienced freediver.

Perform the test and after a theory refresh, prepare yourself for your first freediving training session in the pool guided by your professional freediving instructor.

How much does it cost?

Choose from:

I’m a Certified Freediver

  • 4-Weeks Course
  • All pool training sessions 90-minutes duration
  • Maximum 4x participants
  • $250 per person

I’m not Certified, but wish to Join

  • 4-Weeks Course
  • All pool training sessions 90-minutes duration
  • Maximum 4x participants
  • Freediver Touch Learning
  • PADI Freediver Basic Certification (if all requirements are completed)
  • Choose the certification option during checkout
  • $350 per person

Register before 24th June and secure your place

To book, please use the button below and choose your preferred location and time. Easy!

During the bookings process you will be requested to supply your registration details and provide payment. This is essential to be able to secure your place.

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