Mermaiding, is it not becoming many a young girl’s dream to become a Mermaid?

It’s now even closer to within your grasp as watching re-runs of The Little Mermaid DVD
or Splash is put on the back-burner and real training begins.

Last weekend, two students trained by WaterMaarq Freediving took to the skies and travelled from Perth WA to Townsville QLD to perform as mermaids at Reef HQ aquarium. The mission was to support Krystal Huff in her quest to provide easily accessible education and messages about the ocean, environment and conservation of precious marine life. Their adventure has been captured in this colourful article on the ABC news site.

Perth Mermaids

Mermaid Jessica Pearl and Mermaid Amelia are two very prominent Mermaids in the Perth area that have developed a massive following. Their scheduled appearances at local beaches became so popular last summer that they now perform pop-up appearances that are only shared in the hours before. Such is their success that crowds of people almost overtook beaches and they now often use Ushers and Security to ensure all attendees are well looked after.


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It's not every day you encounter a couple of mermaids like these. A massive thank you to these wonderful aquatic ladies @mermaid_amelia and @mermaidjessicapearl for choosing to further develop their underwater mermaiding skills with us at Apnea Australia in Perth during the Stage-A freediving course. For a treat, see them live at their upcoming performances at the Perth Fringe Festival. Repost and Photo credit to artist @trishwoodford. If you too would like to become a mermaid, then please enquire via or Fothcoming Apnea International Freediving Courses: Stage-A Freediving – 31Jan -1Feb Hobart TAS 2-days course $650 (Bookings Open) Stage-A Freediving – 7-8 Feb Melbourne VIC 2-days course $615 (Filling) Stage-A Freediving – 14-15 Mar Adelaide SA 2-days course $650 (Filling) #perth #fringefestival #apnea #freediver #freediving #marine #ocean #sea #saltylife #adventure #immersion  #breathhold #underwaterphotography #uwphoto #underwater #wanderlust #lululemonathletica #mermaid #mermaiding #perthmermaids

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DSC_5884-WebTheir performances do not only occur at the beach however, they have also appeared at events like the Perth Fringe Festival and many a children’s party.

This summer they undertook freediving training through the Stage-A Freediving Course in Perth (they had to put their legs on) to practice breath-hold techniques, develop safety skills and extend their ability to perform in appearances like the Reef HQ last weekend.

During the course they enjoyed some time pretending to be humans underwater and discovered new methods to develop their breath-hold in a way that would benefit shaping of their choreography and performances in confined spaces like tanks and aquariums.

Becoming a Mermaid


So, your dream of mermaiding follows that of Amelia and Jessica Pearl or another? The good news is that you have many paths to become a Mermaid and it does not matter your background or skill level.

Join an Academy

The development of Mermaiding in Australia is already underway, anyone can begin training with WaterMaarq Freediving to learn about relaxation in the water, how to move freely and gracefully and most importantly, how to be a mermaid with a unique tail to display. Breath-hold diving is the next step, after becoming accustomed to swimming with a mermaid tail, adaptation to performing with grace and poise as a mermaid under the water and live the dream.

Talk to us at WaterMaarq about your aims!

If you’d rather fly further afield, there are now two mermaid specific training organisations, one in Europe and one in Asia. Learn the artistry of mermaiding with other passionistas.



I need a Mermaid Tail!

You’ve got exactly in mind the look you’re after, now it’s time to decide which tail you are going to choose. Is is an off-the-rack simple cloth material number with sequins? Maybe you’re going the whole effort and contracting a full custom silicone tail with high performance mono-fin tucked away underneath?

Here’s a few links to choose from:

Custom Silicone Mermaid Tails:

Off-the-Rack Spandex or Similar:


Mermaids for Real?

In case you missed it, recently scientists in the US discovered the existence of real mermaids, the hard hitting articles and TV documentary can be found via the links below.

Animal Planet TV: Mermaids – The New Evidence (YouTube)

Follow Other WaterMaarq Mermaids

You don’t need to be a performer to become a mermaid, take a peek at some of WaterMaarq’s other mermaids and mermaid friends via Instagram:

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I have been seeing this shot being reposted a lot lately, and it excites me to see it on so many different blogs, especially tumblr pages. 🌞🌞@kaptainkirky took this photo of me on a chilly afternoon when the sunset was crazy. 🌅 🐟 Today in #Taiji, was a #BlueCove day, which was a huge relief, but also today #coveguardians watched the Japanese workers load 5 Bottlenose dolphins into wooden crates to be taken away for a life in captivity. 😔🐬As much as this breaks my heart, I will continue to share it with as many people as I can, if you are aware of what happens to these animals , you won't support the parks that fund these operations. 🌞✌️I sat on the roof of my house today which overlooks the sea, while @seannhoward played La Mar on guitar, and we could watch and appreciate everything, and I hope that one day there is a time where our oceans worldwide will never be red.🙌🌏🐠🐳🙏 #DolphinProject #tweetfordolphins #BoycottSeaworld @keiko_conservation @novellaria

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